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Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

The Importance of Mastering English And Ways to Increase the Competence

            Language is a daily communication instrument for relate one person to another person by oral or writing. In this world, there are a lot of languages. In fact, one country has more one language, for example Indonesia. There are many traditional languages in each province of Indonesia. But, if there is only one language that used by the citizen of a country as a daily language, I believes that the country can make the united stronger than the other country. So that’s way, language can unite all of people in this world.

            As we known, English language is the only one language that can unite all walks of life. This matter shows that English language is equal to world language. According to that’s statement, as a citizen of Indonesia that one of developing countries, we are also obliged to speak English and learn more about it. In order that our country don’t dropped behind the developed countries. So, as earthling we should mastering English for our daily requirement. Because, we can’t do the daily activities that we communicated with the others indirectly. So, the problem is how to increase the English competence.
            Well, the basic competence that we should understand to learn English consists of four parts, such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. Before we learn more about English farther, let me introduce you four basic competences in English.
            Listening pressures the ability someone to listen something that inform by a media, such as a person and mass media. Listening is the first basic competence, because by listen the English language from the native speaker or the other source, it can make us accustomed to words in English. So, we are become more motivated to learn more about English.
            After we like to listening English, we will speak English by our self slowly. Speaking is the skill someone to communicate the others by oral with the correct and good language. This skill can happened by listening English and do the conversation with other person continuously.
            Reading pressures the ability some one to read the text or the literatures with the exact intonation, the precise grammar and the right pronunciations. After someone can speak English, he or she can read the English text automatically.
            The last basic competence to learn English is writing. Writing consists the skill someone to write or make the text according to the valid rule. After we mastered the listening, speaking and reading, we will also able to writing something easily.
            In the following are 10 tips to increase our English competence, such as:
1.      There is the intention (willingness) to learn English. Without the intention, the all of activity that we did, it won’t mean much to us. It’s equal to we did the unused something.
2.      Listen more words in English from the conversation in tape record cassette or conversation in your around. Because based on research the scientist, our brain can catch 60% knowledge from listening.
3.      Listen the English songs more than the Indonesian songs.
4.      Use English in daily conversation with the others.
5.      Read the English texts and translate it into Indonesia, so that you can understand your text that you read.
6.      Know the things in your around in English
7.      Ask the English speaker if you don’t know the meaning of the words when you listen someone speaking English or open the dictionary for search the meaning.
8.      Make English class fun and happy, so that you can feel comfortable that you want. In order that you can understand the all of English lesson that taught by the English teacher.
9.      Make English class with new style day in day out. So that’s way, you can’t feel bored in English class, for example make English simple games.
10. Write and speak everything in English slowly but sure.
I think that’s all and it’s time to finish my writing. I hope this text can useful for us to increase our English competence. Thank you very much. 

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