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Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

Coret Ice

At Mega’s home…
Mira     : Hi Mega! Good afternoon!
Mega   : Good afternoon, Mira! Come on! Sit down, please!
Mira     : Thank you.
Mega   : I’m so happy of your visit this afternoon. How’s your life?
Mira     : I’m very well, thanks. And you?
Mega   : I’m fine. By the way, what’s the matter with you?
Mira     : No problem. I just wanna sight seeing. Because I’m so boring in my own house now!
Mega   : Ooo, I suppose that you have many problem in your life now and you want to tell it to me. But, in fact you just sight seeing.
Mira     : Owya, I know that you are one of Prisa’s fans. So, did you watch Prisa’s music concert in MTv last night?
Mega   : What? There is Prisa’s music concert in MTv last night! Oh my God! I’m forgotten! But, when did it start?
Mira     : It started at 7pm until 10pm.It’s so wonderful! I suppose that you watched it last night.
Suddenly, the bell’s rang…
Mega   : Just a minute! I want to open the door. I think there is a guest.
Mira     : I think so.
Nuni     : Hello, Mega! Good afternoon!
Mega   : Hi! Good afternoon! Come on, guys! Sit down, please!
Nuni     : Thank you so much. Hi Mira! How are you? Long time not see.
Mira     : I’m very well, thanks! What about you?
Nuni     : I’m fine, thank you.
Mega   : What can I do for you?
Nuni     : Oh ya, I want to borrow your math note book.
Mega   : By the way, why do you borrow my math note book?
Nuni     : There is math exam in my class tomorrow. May I borrow it?
Mega   : Okay, just a minute! I will take it now!
Three minutes later…
Mega   : Nuni, this is my math note book!
Nuni     : Thanks.
Mega   : But, you must return it 3 days later!
Nuni     : Okay! Thank you so much my best friend.
Mira     : Oh ya, where is Vivie? You and Vivie usually go to any where together.
Mega   : Right. But, she doesn’t with you now! Where does she go?
Nuni     : I’m sorry. I’m forgotten to give you hot news. Vivie went to Banjarmasin since three days ago.
Mega & Mira   : What? Banjarmasin?
Mira     : Banjarmasin is so far from Palu.
Mega   : Why did she go to Banjarmasin?
Nuni     : She went to Banjarmasin because she will spend her holiday in there.
Mega & Mira   : Ooo…
Nuni     : She went to Banjarmasin with her family.
Mira     : By the way, I think today is very hot. Do you agree with my statement?
Mega   : I don’t agree. I think Palu always hot every day except when it was rain.
Nuni     : I think so. And I have an idea. Today is very hot. I think a cup of coret ice can make fresh us!
Mega & Mira   : What? Coret ice!
Nuni     : Yes, of course!
Mega   : What is that? I never hear that there is coret ice in Palu city.
Mira     : Where is the location that we can enjoy a cup of coret ice?
Nuni     : What? You are never drink the coret ice. I think you are village people.
Mira     : Be serious! I’m very thirsty now.
Nuni     : Okay, we go to there now by motorcycle!
Mira     : Let’s go!
In the journey…
Mira     : Where is the coret ice?
Nuni     : It is on two places. First, it on Sam Ratulangi street and second, it on Monginsidi street, in front of Junior High School 2 Palu. Have you seen it?
Mega   : I never see it.
Mira     : I think so.
At Monginsidi street
Nuni     : This is coret ice! Enjoy it guys! I think this a cup of coret ice is delicious. Do you agree?
Mega   : Nuni, where is the coret ice?
Mira     : I am not enjoy a cup of coret ice!
Mega   : Same with me!
Nuni     : You are crazy. Look the traffic sign. There is a letter, which is S. And then, it scratched.
Mega & Mira   : Yes, I see.
Mega   : What is the relation between the coret ice and the traffic sign?
Mira     : I think there is nothing relation.
Nuni     : There is a relation. It means the coret ice is S scratched. Do you understand about it?
Mira     : Yes, I see. But, are you sure about that?
Nuni     : Yes, I’m really sure. This is a real joke.
Mira     : I suppose that you are a shy girl. In fact, you are a funny girl.
Mega   : Alright. I agree with u, Mira. You are a funny girl.
Mira     : Oh my God! I’m very thirsty! We must drink something that it can make relaxed us.
Nuni     : Wow, it’s a good idea, Vivie!
Mega   : I think so. Where will we go for drink?
Nuni     : In my opinion, we can drink a cup of coreng ice.
Mira & Mega   : No way!
Mira     : I’m sure that coreng ice as same as coret ice. Isn’t it?
Nuni     : Hha*… You can read my mine.
Mega   : Of course, because we know that there is only joke in your mine.
Mira     : I think, we prefer go to Darisa than wait a cup of coret ice or coreng ice here.
Nuni     : Let’s go for a real drink!

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