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Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Cinderella Story Script

Once upon a time in a faraway house, lived a beautiful little girl and her widowed father. They loved each other. His wife passed away since Cinderella’s birth.

Fernando          : I’m so lonely now, so that I want to remarry. Do you agree?
Cinderella         : Yes, of course as well as you want my dad.
Fernando          : Thank you. I love you so much.

Few days later, Fernando remarried with the widow who has a daughter. The first time, they looked very happy like a happy family. But some years later, Fernando was an accident and he passed away.

Cinderella         : Dad, why do you leave me quickly? I can’t live without you. God please return my dad.
Brianna             : Our father was gone. We must ready to release his died. Hope he will get a nice place in heaven. Amin…
Gabriella           : Dad, we love you so much.
Cinderella         : Dady………………..

At the other place…

Brianna             : Gabriella…I have a good idea. Let me tell you.
Gabriella           : What’s up mom?
Brianna             : I think we must exploit Cinderella.
Gabriella           : Haa…?? I don’t understand what you mean mom.
Brianna             : OMG… What a stupid child you are! Now, only three people in this house. You, I and the ugly girl. We hold on all about this house so we can take all of heritage that left from our dad.
Gabriella           : Wow that’s a good idea. I agree with you mom. But, how about Cinderella?
Brianna             : Cinderella will be a housemaid.
Gabriella           : We can instruct her. Ha…ha…ha… I like doing this.
Brianna             : So let’s begin.

After made a plan, they always ask Cinderella to do the all of housework all the time from morning to night.

Brianna             : Cinderella… Wash the dirty plates and clothes!
Cinderella         : Yes, Mom.
Brianna             : Mam mom mam mom, I’m not your mom because my daughter only Gabriella. Remember it
Gabriella           : All right mom. You are only a housemaid now. Ha…ha…ha…
Cinderella         : But…
Brianna             : But bet but bet… I don’t want to listen anything reason.
Gabriella           : Oh ya, don’t forget to water the plants. Okay!
Brianna             : I think we must go to market soon, Gabriella. Cinderella, you must clean this house before we come here again.
Gabriella           : If this house still dirty, we don’t give you dinner. Okay!
Cinderella         : Yes, I will carry out all orders.
Brianna             : Good…good…good… Good bye baby…
Gabriella           : Let’s go, Mom.

When Brianna and Gabriella was gone, Cinderella do all of the housework.

Cinderella         : God…Why do all of this situation happen in my life? It’s not fair for me. Please help me. Dad… Look at me. Look my step mother and my step sister do for me. They always ask for to do something. I like a slave. I only want you to accompany me and live together with me till the end. I miss you so much dady...

In the palace, the King will make a dance party for all of the people.

King                 : My son, I think you must have a princess. So, I will make a dance party. Do you agree?
Austin               : It’s up to you as well as you want.
King                 : Guardsman, announce all of the people to attend the dance party tomorrow night at 10 o’clock.
Guardsman       : Yes, I will do it.

At Cinderella’s house, Cinderella sleeps after sweep the yard, but she doesn’t wash the plates and clothes and water the plants yet. She looks very tired. After a few minutes Brianna and Gabriella come.

Brianna             : Cinderella…. What the hell!
Gabriella           : Wake up stupid! How pity you are!
Cinderella         : Sorry mom. I’m so tired. Forgive me mom.
Brianna             : Halllaahhh…. You lied! No dinner for you and you must sleep in the cellar.
Gabriella           : Feel it! Sleeping with rats and cockroaches. Ha…ha…ha…
Cinderella         : But there is very dirty. I couldn’t sleep there.
Brianna             : Which one you want, sleep in the cellar or out from this house?
Gabriella           : Which one, Cinderella?
Cinderella         : Sleep in the cellar.
Brianna             : Okay, let’s do that stupid!

In the cellar, Cinderella crying and bewail her sadness lonely.

Cinderella         : God…Why do I like an unlucky girl? Send me a guardian angel to accompany me.

Suddenly, God grant her prayer and send a Blue Angel.

Blue Angel        : Hi Cinderella…I’m your guardian angel. My name is Blue Angel.
Cinderella         : Thanks God. Finally you granted my prayer.
Blue Angel        : What’s the matter with you? What can I do for you?
Cinderella         : Please guard me from injustice in this house.
Blue Angel        : Okay, I will do it. If you need my help any times, you can call me “Blue Angel” and I will come here. Do you understand?
Cinderella         : Yes, I see.
Blue Angel        : My jobs are very much in the other place. So I must leave you now. Good bye.
Cinderella         : Never mind. Bye bye…

After that, Cinderella slept tight because she is so tired.  At morning, she do all of the housework as usual as yesterday.  Suddenly, the Guardsman of palace comes and he announces the invitation from King Arturo.

Guardsman       : ANNOUNCEMENT! King Arturo invited all of you to attend the dance party at 10 pm tonight in his palace. And Prince Austin will choose his couple to dance with him. Thank you.
Brianna             : We must come there and we will be the beautiful one.
Gabriella           : Yes, that’s right mom.
Brianna             : You should be the couple of Prince Austin.
Gabriella           : Okay, only me and mom can go to there. You must stay here.
Cinderella         : But the King invited all of people in this town. Of course me too.
Brianna             : No way! There’s no permit for you. Just stay away here and keep safety this house.
Gabriella           : Do it!

At 8 pm o’clock, Brianna and Gabriella are very busy to prepare the party tonight.

Brianna                         : Cinderella…Where is my gown and my shoes?
Cinderella                     : Yes mom, I will take it for you.
Gabriella                       : Iron my gown, Cinderella!
Cinderella                     : Yes, wait a minute.
Brianna & Gabriella      : Make up me, Cinderella!
Cinderella                     : Okay, I will do it later.
Brianna                         : Be quickly, Cinderella… We don’t want to late for this event.
Gabriella                       : I will the couple. Ha…ha…ha…

After  Brianna and Gabriella are ready to follow the dance party, they takes leave Cinderella.

Brianna                         : I think we are just already beautiful.
Brianna & Gabriella      : Good bye Cinderella....
Cinderella                     : Blue Angel... Please come here...

Suddenly, Blue Angel coming….

Blue Angel        : Why do you cry Cinderella? Can I help you?
Cinderella         : I want to come to the dance party, but I don’t have a gown.
Blue Angel        : Ooo... Don’t worry and be happy. Simsalabim ka’arba arba... Use it now!
Cinderella         : Thanks, but my shoes?
Blue Angel        : I’m so sorry. I forget it. Simsalabim ka’arba arba...
Cinderella         : Thank you very much.
Blue Angel        : You’re welcome Cinderella...
Cinderella         : But, how do I come there quickly? Because the dance party will be start 10 minutes later.
Blue Angel        : Don’t be afraid. Do you have a pumpkin?
Cinderella         : Yes, of course. Let me take it for you. But, what for?
Blue Angel        : Don’t many ask. Take it now.
Cinderella         : This is it.
Blue Angel        : Simsalabim ka’arba arba...

Suddenly, the pumpkin changed to be a carriage that completed by a driver.

Cinderella          : Woww... How does it happen? It’s so amazing. Fantastic!
Blue Angel        : Okay, you are so perfect. Let’s go there now. But you must remember, all of this will be back to normal again at 12 pm o’clock. Do you understand? So must go back before it.
Cinderella         : Yes, I promise.
Driver               : Let’s go Cinderella.

Then, Cinderella go to the palace by  a carriage.  In the palace, Prince Austin doesn’t choose a girl who wants to dance with him yet.

King                 : My son, why do you choose a girl yet? I think all of girls that come in this palace very beautiful.
Austin               : Dad, I don’t get the best one yet. Wait a minute. May be the best girl will come.
King                 : Up to you because it’s your rights.
Brianna             : Why did you not choose by Prince Austin, Gabriella? I’m an unlucky mother because bore a child like you. Shit!
Gabriella           : Mom, I don’t know. Please don’t angry to me. Look at that!

Suddenly, Prince Austin looks a beautiful girl at the door. And all of people in the palace realize that she is the beauty girl at night. But, they don’t know who she is. They ask themselves.

Austin               : Wow… I choose her. She’s like an angel that sent from God to me.
Brianna             : Who is she? I have seen her. But where is it?
Gabriella           : Me too. Mom, she’s like Cinderella.
Brianna             : What, Cinderella? No kidding. How does Cinderella go to here? Think about it. It’s impossible.
Gabriella           : Yes, I know about it. But….
Austin               : Beauty, you are perfect. May you dance with me?
Cinderella         : Yes, of course.

Prince Austin and Cinderella dance together and it make all of people jealous with them.

Gabriella           : Why not me?
Brianna             : Be patient. This is only the dance party. Take it easy.

At the other place, Prince Austin says love to Cinderella.

Austin               : Beauty, What’s your name?
Cinderella         : I’m Cinderella.
Austin               : Wow… That’s a good name.
Cinderella         : Thank you Prince Austin.
Austin               : Don’t call me like that. You just call me Austin.
Cinderella         : Okay Austin.
Austin               : Cinderella, when I see you, I’m falling in love with you. I’m charming of your beauty. There’s no one except you in my heart. I’m falling in love at first sight. Please accept my love. I want to live together with you till the end. Will you marry me?

Teeng….Teeng….Teeng…. The bell is ringing.

Cinderella         : What’s the meaning Austin?
Austin               : It’s 12 pm o’clock.
Cinderella         : What’s? I must go home now.
Austin               : Cinderella, you don’t answer my question. Cinderella, come back… I love you Cinderella.

Cinderella run away, but her shoes left behind. So Cinderella only uses one shoe on her right foot.

Driver               : Come on Cinderella. We must go home on time.
Cinderella         : I’m so sorry, I’m late.
Austin               : This is Cinderella’s shoe. I must find her soon and ask her to live with me in this palace.

At the palace, Prince Austin meets the King and asks him to grant his request.

King                 : Why do you look so sad?
Austin               : I’m so sad because my princess was gone.
King                 : Why does it happen?
Austin               : I don’t know. But I found this. This is Cinderella’s shoe. I have a request.
King                 : Say it now. I will grant anything you want.
Austin               : Please find the owner this shoe. I will marry with her. I promise it.
King                 : Okay as well as you want, my son. Guardsman, announce all of the people.
Guardsman       : I will do it.
Austin               : Thank you my lovely father.

At Cinderella’s house…

Cinderella         : Blue Angel, thanks for your help. I don’t know how to thank of you. I’m so happy. I fell like a luckiest one in the world.
Blue Angel        : You’re welcome. You needn’t to give me anything. This is my job to help you.
Cinderella         : I know about it. I think my step mother and my step sister come.
Blue Angel        : Okay, I will go now. Good bye Cinderella.

Suddenly, Brianna and Gabriella come from the palace.

Brianna             : Cinderella…Come here!
Gabriella           : Where are you go when we go to the dance party?
Cinderella         : I don’t go anywhere. I only guard this house and do all of housework.
Brianna             : Are you kidding? We look the girl like you at the dance party.
Cinderella         : No, I’m seriously.
Gabriella           : I think she said the honest and she doesn’t possible to come to the palace because she doesn’t have beautiful clothes. Ha…ha…ha…
Brianna             : All right. You can sleep Cinderella.
Cinderella         : Thank you.

At the morning, the Guardsman of palace come and announces all of people.

Guardsman       : ANNOUNCEMENT! Prince Austin will get married with the girl who has this shoe. Thank you.
Brianna             : I think that’s my shoe. I will try firstly.
Gabriella           : No way. You are so old and your foot so big. It’s impossible thing.
Brianna             : OMG… This shoe isn’t longer for me.
Gabriella           : It’s my chance to marry with Prince Austin. But, I think it’s so small. This shoe isn’t enough for my leg.
Guardsman       : Oooh… I’m so sorry, you are not lucky. There is the other girl in this house?
Cinderella         : Yes of course. I have a pair of that shoe. This is it.
Brianna             : How do you get it Cinderella?
Gabriella           : Oh no. It’s so impossible. I’m not believe that. Use that shoes Cinderella!
Guardsman       : Wow… We found the couple. Cinderella, you must go to the palace with me now.
Cinderella         : It’s up to you.
Brianna             : I must go there with you, Cinderella, because I’m your mother.
Gabriella           : Me too because I’m your sister.

At the palace…

Guardsman       : I found it, King.
King                 : Thank you. Do you love her, Austin?
Austin               : I love her very much. Will you marry me?
Cinderella         : Yes, I will.
King                 : Okay, invite all of people to attend the Prince Austin’s wedding party tomorrow.
Guardsman       : Yes, I will do it.
Brianna             : How about me and my daughters?
Cinderella         : You can live together with me in this palace.
Brianna & Gabriella      : Oh…we love you Cinderella. We are so sorry. Forgive me.
Cinderella         : Yes mom. I love you too.

Finally they live in the palace. They like a happy family. Cinderella gets the happiness and she forgives all of her step mother and her step sister’s mistakes.

___THE  END___ 

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